Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Super bowl feast! Yummy!

I got I got my Super Bowl Crave box just in time. It arrived Thursday and so I was busy
planning out my meal on Friday and shopping for the other ingredients. I had the meat already, a 3 lb. top round beef roast and a smoked sausage.
There were some recipe cards in the box which helped a lot although I did tweak them to my own liking which turned out quite well.
Sunday morning and put the seasoned roast in the crock pot with sliced onions and let that cook all day.
I started chopping the vegetables and meat for the jambalaya about 5:00.  (bell pepper and onion and smoked sausage)
Then I got the got the jambalaya started and also the dirty rice.  Meanwhile I started shredding the beef and removing any fat which there wasn't very much of.
Then while everyone was arriving all I had to do was get everything set out and ready to go.  I warmed up the tortillas and by then the food was ready and everyone was ready to eat! We filled the tortillas with shredded beef, dirty rice (rice and beans) chopped lettuce, green onions, peppery sweet corn salsa, sour cream and habanera shredded cheese. We filled our plates with the jambalaya. We had chips and dips and ice tea and vanilla coke to drink.

 Here is the beef after I cooked and shredded it.

Yes I like a lot of onion and peppers.

I loved the dirty rice!

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