Monday, February 11, 2013

good morning

Good morning from Kansas. We don't have all that snow like they do on the East coast, at least not right now. We aren't expecting any bad weather around here but that can quickly change as we all know. This is wintertime in the Midwest and anything goes.
We are having a mild season this year. When I count my blessings, it's right up there. This is a picture that I took right about near the end of summer around two years ago. I took several pictures that day and they all turned out quite well. I remember feeling very lucky to be be able to sit back and watch the butterflies, bees and birds. It  was a lovely sight.
Today I have got to go to the dentist for a check up and do several other errands including getting my laundry done. Right now my little chihuahua Kaylee is trying to remind me that she needs some playtime too so this is all I have to write for now. May your day be blessed and everything good.  I'll be back later. ~ Lauren

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