Friday, March 15, 2013

New Research in Canine Epilepsy Treatment | The Dogington Post

Canine epilepsy is a very serious ailment for dogs, but it is also one of the most mysterious ones. And most of the causes, symptoms and treatment are still in the research phase. Thousands of dogs around the world experience epilepsy. These dogs and their owners face great turmoil and worrying about the condition and suffering of their best buddies. In short, canine epilepsy is truly one of the greatest controversial neurological diseases in the canine world. Thankfully ongoing research for canine epilepsy treatment is making positive strides forward.
Canine Epilepsy Treatment
The sad fact about the canine epilepsy treatment of today is vets give your dog a specific amount of medication, depending on how severe their condition is. And over time, when the condition worsens, the dosage is also leveled up, until the dog eventually becomes so drugged they begin to develop amnesia about the real world – losing memories and experiences of his or her loved ones. And the worst thing is that most of the epileptic dogs in the world go through the same basic steps to reach this point.
However, there are also the owners of epileptic dogs who try as much as possible to avoid this kind of medication (the pharmaceutical one) and simply deal with the seizures as if they are nothing. But the sad thing is that epilepsy and twitching can really disrupt a dog’s normal life. In fact, some dogs develop injuries related to mobility and muscle coordination, and some just run away and go crazy.
Raw diets have been the best solution that we have for canine epilepsy treatment for a dog’s epileptic symptoms. Some companies have started mass producing raw diets that are especially made for dogs with unique conditions, based on the fact wild dogs were meant to eat raw food to survive in a healthy way. Many dogs that have a change in their diet (switching to raw diet) experience a great decrease on the epileptic syndromes, like the famous dog, Emma. Unlike before, she only experienced 8 seizures between 2000 and 2007 after taking in the raw diet program. Emma is a dog with canine seizure that became the inspiration of creating the website
However, Emma’s life did not last long; she eventually died and many of her supporters and animal volunteers donated so many cash in the hopes of finding clues to a more effective canine epilepsy treatment. The donation money was received by the North Carolina State University, which began a life-changing research for all epileptic dogs, as well as shedding more light on the worst case scenarios of canine epilepsy, ultimately helping out vets and owners.
The study is based from the human version of the condition and the researchers are betting everything to find the cure and the cause of canine epilepsy through constant research in the field of neurology. Their goal is to figure out how it develops, what causes it, and how it can be treated effectively. Today, the canine epilepsy treatment research still continues in the hopes of building a better future for all canine epileptics around the world.
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