Thursday, August 8, 2013

Books on my reading shelf

What's on my shelf to read?  
1. Not quite healed by Cecil Murphy and Gary Roe
2. What the hell is going on in my life by Larry Schwimmer
3. Reluctantly Related by Deanna Brann, Ph. D.
4. The Relentless Pursuit of a Soul by Carl Miller
5. Emotional Sobriety the next frontier (selected stories from AA Grapevine)
6. Fear No Numbers by Jose Paul Moretto
7. How the Octopus got Eight Arms by Yvonne Arroyo
8. Making Good Habits breaking bad ones by Joyce Meyer

I think there are a couple under the bed and another one in the yard under the awning....
The nice weather has kept me preoccupied....
bug watching
sitting in the yard watching the grass grow..
I used to read quite a bit in the yard but books tend to get wet from the sprinkler and rain when I forget to move them to higher ground.
This year for the most part I have not read much out in the yard.
What are your summer reading habits?

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