Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life is good these days

Good morning. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. The weather is perfect. I'm getting ready to go to church this morning.  Today is potluck Sunday and that means exactly what it sounds like. After church we all gather in the fellowship hall and enjoy a wonderful potluck luncheon together. This week I invited my family and hopefully they will come but otherwise I have also invited a couple of friends too. There's a chance naturally that no one that I have invited will show up but that's okay too. I will keep on inviting. There's always next time. My church family are wonderful people. They really care about each other and do so many things together and for each other. I have only been attending this church for around 6 months and I'm one of the newest members. We actually received new members last week. A new family joined which was wonderful to see them as they got baptized together.
Another great advantage that being a member of this church is the proximity. I happen to live next door to the church and that is the main reason that I started to attend and the that is exactly what brought the new family to join us too. They live right now the street and  also within walking distance of the church. So there could be any number of reasons why someone joins a particular church and location is is a very important aspect for many people.
We are looking for a new pastor here at church. Pastor Paul has been here for 7 years I believe and he plans to retire and will settle for being a member of the congregation so we won't be entirely losing him and his wife Kathy. I'm glad about that because I have grown to like both of them and feel quite comfortable with seeing them every week.
The choir started back last week and they are doing a wonderful job again. They had taken a short break over the summer as well as the choir directer, Mark. He is amazing and we are so happy to have him back as well.  Anyway it's time for me to get ready for church. I will finish up my coffee and hop in to the shower and that way I'll have some time to get dressed and so on without having to rush around. I hope you get to spend some time with loved ones whether family or friends or even neighbors as long as you can get together and break bread, share time with another today. Sometimes it's hard to do because work or just being far away from our loved ones. But in your heart they can be close too. Love to you and hugs all around. 


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    1. Hi Steve, I haven't been on here in awhile and just saw your comment. Thank you so much. I definitely will check your blog out, God bless you. Thanks, Lauren


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