Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting the Best of Yourself

Getting the Best of Yourself  describes quite clearly the subject matter of this self-help book.
*Dr Aycock is a psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Among having written many popular and scientific periodicals, he is also the author of TheHealing Art of Encouragement. He is married and has two daughters.

This is a self help book that specifically explains that each one of us undergoes emotional turmoil. He teaches you clear strategies to manage stress and anxiety, including how to improve your thinking process, express and resolve anger, and develop healthy patterns of communication.

No one has to be defeated by the stress of emotional turmoils, depression, unresolved anger, and feeling overwhelmed.

What really impressed me while I was reading this book is that he wrote this for Christians that are battling emotional stress, but also for any one that is interested in gaining preventative resources and insight. He never takes a "preachy" type attitude in this book, nor does he push,or go into the areas that many Christian self help books do. The techniques that he shows you are quite easy to understand.

"Emotional turmoil strikes both Christians and non-Christians, for suffering is part of the human condition. Unfortunately, many Christians choose to ignore biblical references to negative emotions: instead they attribute any struggle to the personal unrighteousness or faithlessness of the sufferer. Such pronouncements of guilt to a hurting person only serve to intensify the struggle.Holding these ideas prevents people from acknowledging their difficulties to God, themselves, or others. Such denial serves to perpetuate their problems."

He also talks about the physical symptoms of stress, and speaks of why our bodies are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing in times of stress, including:

Pupils dilate, breathing becomes faster, blood sugar level rises, heart beats faster,
blood pressure rises, muscles tense, body perspires more, digestion slows.

Every chapter of this book is quite clear, and written in away that makes the reader experience relief and comfort even as they are reading it.
He tackles issues with such ease that allows the reader to look at their anxiety as only temporary.The interesting references to scriptures that he shares of people suffering, shows that anxiety and emotional turmoil has taken a hold on many people. Obsessive thought, anger and depression are not new. The symptoms,possible cause, effects of and the way to correct and or overcome the defeating behaviors that we all have had.

Obsessive thought, anger and depression are not new. We are not alone or the only ones that have to accept being in turmoil. We can learn how to manage and defeat stress before stress defeats us! The wonderful examples and logic that Dr. Aycock has shared can be applied over and over, with simple ease. Any one who would like to improve their life, manage and overcome the self defeating reactions that, unknowingly have hurt each one of us, the techniques you will discover in this well written book are well worth the readi

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