Thursday, April 10, 2014

Palmers Therapy 13.5 oz. Olive Oil with Vitamin-E

I wrote this post several years ago and I still love this brand of lotion.

I have somewhat dry skin from time to time and more so in the winter. But I am sensitive to the majority of skin lotions on the market. As a matter of fact, using them actually dries my skin more and if my handed are chapped, most lotions even high quality and expensive one will feel as if it's burning my skin. This is why I wanted to share something I have found to be wonderful!
I have a feeling that everybody has had dry skin at one time or another. For some people, having dry skin is just a part of normal everyday life. Winter dry skin seems to affect many of us. When we heat our homes to keep us warm, it also is very drying on our skin. That is what causes the itchiness,dry patches, even scaling skin. But Winter dry skin isn't the only reason we need a moisturizing lotion.

I like to work in my yard and I don't always wear garden gloves like I know I should. Gardening does have a tendency to be tough on the hands. Just ask anyone who spends any time planting,pulling weeds, or even mowing.

Another reason I get chapped hands is from too much scrubbing! At my house, I have "heavy cleaning" days. Doing all the windows, inside and outside or other examples (for me), wall washing, furniture polishing and cleaning the oven or fridge. I do dishes by hand. When my hands are chapped and dry, even doing dishes turns my poor hands even uglier.

I can say that at times, I do have sensitive skin.Although I'm fortunate not to have dry skin normally. But whenever my skin is dry,chapped and sore, there really isn't very much on the market that works well for me. Trust and believe that I am a 47 year old woman who has purchased and tried more brands of skin care lotions than I could list here. Each "New formula", all the "Dry Skin Relief" products,along with every "Doctor Recommended". Over the years, there is a lot that one can learn while on the "quest for relief". The first being, don't ever buy lotion with out trying it out first!

I remember using cocoa butter way back, when I was pregnant 30 years ago,and it was wonderful! I always used it, along with Vitamin E to rub on my swollen belly. Both were cheaper than lotions were at that time, and today I still have no stretch marks! Now they add so much stuff to it, perfumes,dyes,what have you.
One way that influences how I choose my skin care lotion these days, is by paying attention to what works the best for other people like me. Look around for Palmer's Olive Butter Formula. I actually found this at Walmart, and but I don't believe they are the only ones that carry that brand. The price was very reasonable, which was not the reason that I chose this particular product, although I am quite happy about that part too! Anyway, Olive Butter Formula has Vitamin E and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The bottle says,"Organic Therapy for Healthy Skin.

This stuff emulsifies on contact. That means that when you put a tiny bit on your hand, it goes right in instantly! I can tell you that,this product is immediately soothing There are lipid structures that moisturize instantly.It absorbs as you are rubbing it in, leaving your skin feeling great! I use a very small amount on my hands each night, and sometimes on my face and neck.

Remember that I said that I work out in my garden a lot, so that takes a toll on my skin. I found this product this last winter and I am quite thrilled that I did. Last summer my hands were terrible! This summer, no problem whatsoever! So if you are suffering from dry skin and/or have any sensitivity, I recommend Palmer's.

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