Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals
A Guide for the Consumer
by Susan E. Davis, P.T.
Published by Joycare Media

I have learned so much from this book and I am so grateful to the author, Susan E. Davis for taking the time to write this book.  She has covered every aspect of physical therapy for animals including the initial evaluation right up to various treatments. I presently have a border collie that has arthritis and this book has been a great tool for me and provided much relief for her by way of my ability to care for her.

I found this book to be an invaluable reference book. I have been an animal owner for many years and this book is perfect for people like myself. It is well written and very easy to use. I wish I would have had a book like this in my home library long ago. This book truly is an effective way to be a pro active participant in managing your animals health and well being. This is a wonderful guide and a fantastic reference book. I have had several pets that would have benefited greatly had I had this book at my disposal sooner. I feel much more confident after reading through this book. There are so many ways that we can help our beloved animals overcome disabilities, prevent injuries and strengthen their bodies through physical therapy. The author has put together a marvelous array of helpful information and guides to help you to help your animal. She has also included helpful resources which are listed in the back of the book, which include many links to help the reader get more information, support, and even helpful products that may be available. This is a true consumer friendly book.

I received this from Rebecca Brown at The Cadence Group because I was interested the subject and agreed to give an honest and fair review upon reading it. Thank you so much Rebecca.


  1. Lauren, I wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful review of my book! In particular, your comments about it making you feel more confident to help a pet with a problem, touched my soul. That is the primary reason I wrote the book and, through your blog, I hope it reaches other concerned and proactive pet lovers! Sincerely,

    Susan E. Davis, PT

    1. Susan, you are so welcome. I love books that help me to stay pro active when it comes to my dog or any other pet. I'm be reading through different parts of this book again again. Thanks for this helpful guide. ~ Lauren


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