Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Five Senses of Fall writing prompts

I am participating in a blogging challenge along with my friends at Sitsgirls. You are more than welcome to come along if you like.
 Day 5 Writing Prompt is called the Five Senses of Fall.
For this writing prompt, let’s focus on the five senses. You can write about a story, description, poem, recipe, memory or anything under the sun of just one sense:

When my little backyard pumpkin patch starts producing pumpkins then I know that it's Autumn in Topeka.

Smells of autumn
Tastes of autumn
Sounds of autumn
Sights of autumn
Feel of autumn

There has always been something that happens inside of me right around this time of year and that's what reminds me that it's Autumn. It might come as a memory of something that I see every year.  Such as when the geese all get together and decide it's time to fly away. That's an awesome sight to see.  Last year I happen to visiting a friend that lives on a lake when suddenly hundreds of geese were overhead.

 There were probably much more than hundreds as we watched them fill the sky as far as we could see.  It was an awesome sight to witness. They flew over us for ten minutes or more. I was so busy watching although I was fumbling around trying to or  I should say attempting to use my camera phone but the sight and sound of  all the marvelous birds flying overhead was so incredible that I had little concentration for taking pictures.

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