Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Argan Oil 100% Pure Certified Organic Miracle In A Bottle

Argan Oil is an amazing product for sure and I'll tell you why that is.   It has helped my hair so much in the summer and it has helped to keep it from being sun damaged because I do spend a lot of time out doors when the weather permits.   But lately I have had way too much static electricity and flyaway hair.

Several friends have shared that they are using Argan oil to tame their hair. When I was offered a chance to try this brand I went for it.
So yes I have tried other brands of Argan oil but this one is different and here's why.
Sometimes trying to tame it can leave my hair feeling greasy and  I do not  like having oily hair at all and the other products I've tried seem to be heavier on my hair. I don't mind so much in the summer because I'm also in the water a lot and need protection from the sun. but not true at this time of year. I can't have oily hair and that's what happens when I use other brands. Too weighed down and oily feeling. But not so with VoilaVe.
I have also had fantastic results on my hands!    I have had sandpaper hands over the past month and have resorted to anything and everything I could think of.    My hands have been so dry and gritty feeling and  felt  just awful.   Although I had been trying all kinds of products that had helped in the past,  I  had not gotten much relief despite a month of  trying stuff  like pure shea butter and also rosehip oil and even vaseline until the Argan oil arrived that is.    I was using it for my hair and then I realized how much better my hands were in just 2 days.   Now  I love using this on my skin because I don't end up too greasy and it absorbs pretty quickly.  I have been using this before bed on my hands and feet and after showering and on my body and hair with fantastic results.   A small amount goes far too.  This is my new winter favorite!  It works for everything.   It has helped so much on my hands and nails that I don't need to use the other products that I was using.   I also want to add that the applicator top works out very well for me.  It is easier to use than other brands because I can apply with one hand if needed and don't have to worry about using too much or spilling.   It really helps make this product easier to apply.  I have long hair and using this on it has helped so much in several ways,  it is shinier, less flyaway and looks much smoother and healthier.  Not  one bit oily after use or  even heavier in any way.  I do have sensitive skin and I'm over 50 which means my skin needs a little more TLC and less additives in skin products.  I also like the fact that my nails aren't dry after using it too.  Winter can be so hard on my skin.   I hope my honest opinion will help.  I received this product in exchange for my honest review.   It has not indebted me in any way in my review of it.

You can find it here on Amazon.

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