Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Cats Encounter Bats

This is a delightful story that will bring a smile to any face. This is the 3rd book of Christmas Cats adventures. The Christmas Cats wear silly hats and the story is fun to read because of the Seuss-like rhyming in the stories which I adore to this day. I grew up read all those fun books and so I totally enjoyed everything about this book.
The colorful art work is so appealing and every page of it is fun to look at because of the strings of Christmas light which are used to frame in each page.
I recently read this to my 5 year old grandson. He listened very attentively and with a wide smile as I read each page. I could tell he enjoyed the writing style. He adlibbed with his own rhymes and as the book went along I thought perhaps it was written in a way to encouraged kids to participate. Dominic certainly got a kick out of adding his own rhyming words. When the last page was read, his immediate response was “read it again Grandma!”  That's what a good book is all about!

 The author, Constance Corcoran Wilson has written 2 other Christmas Cat books.

  • Book One, The Christmas Cats In Silly Hats
  • Book Two, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats

This charming book is Book Three, The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats
You can check her out on her Amazon profile  She's a fantastic author and a wonderful lady as well.
Book Two was recently named by the Chicago Writers Association as one of the 7 Best Books of 2014 by a Chicago author.     The art is by Gary McCluskey.

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