Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Announcing A Monthly Random Comment Drawing and Every Comment Counts!

Every blogger loves to see comments on their posts. Why?  It's simple,  it makes us happy and when we're happy,  we smile more and we work harder.  If you were to ask any blogger that question and here's what they'll probably say about it  "Comments equal love."  It's true!

 That's the whole thing we love comments because we feel recognized, loved and it's very encouraging to look at a post and see that somebody read it and cared enough to say they liked what we had to say, they read what we shared or even on the flip side, hated it.

I'm doing something new this month. It's called the monthly random comment drawing. It's very simple. Every month I will be adding every comment made during the month on to a list and on the last day of the month (using  someone will win!

A new prize will be posted every month.  That's it. The winners will be notified. Every post, every comment, every month counts.  Blog comments only. 

So what do you think?  Does it sound good?  Go ahead and leave a comment because every comment counts. I'll keep track of the comments and on the last day of every month I'll announce the winner. 

This months March prize will include a $10.00  Walmart gift card and a mystery gift.

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