Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How safe are BBQ Oven Grill Mats?

I wanted to talk about these large, heavy duty, non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats to protect your Food and your Grill for easy BBQs
I would appreciate comments regarding the safe use of  PTFE coated fiberglass grill/oven mats.
These can also be used to line a cookie sheet, a roasting pan or use in an electric grill.  These are very popular and have been used for years.  I have researched these and I am concerned enough that I have not tried them yet. I want to use them to bbq with as the company suggests but at the same time they also say Do not use over open flames. Or in direct contact with heating elements. This is somewhat confusing to me.

The problem for me is that these were made in China. That's a red flag, but also the fact that I already know Teflon coating is not healthy. I do know that it is used by millions though. But that doesn't mean that it is entirely safe either. It becomes more toxic as it gets heated up. So I'm wondering about the safety of something like this. It does say FDA approved   I agreed to review these thinking they were very safe but have had second thoughts about trying them.  I have read many reviews that have been good. I've also read reviews of other brands as well. I'm just a little bit leery still.  I could be swayed either way perhaps with a little bit more information so I will keep an open mind.
  I did read something concerning kid safe chemicals which was informative.
My research skills may not be as good as others,  I'm just not sure. I wasn't able to find out much. This is where comments would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't want to mislead anyone into buying something unsafe and dangerous.
 I can see how people would want to try them.  I have had food slip through the grill many times. If they are safe then I would like to take these along for camping trips because it would be fun to be able to make eggs, pancakes and bacon on the grill.
Do you have these BBQ problems?
Food fall onto fire through the grill grates
Flames burn the meat
BBQ set is in a mess
It is a big job to clean the BBQ set
Non-stick, Teflon like (PTFE coated fiberglass)
Nothing falls on grill fire - no oil flames
Grill almost anything in a healthy way
Fruits - See our eBook for delicious recipes
Steak, Ribs, Burgers, Bacon, Sausages
Kabobs, Chicken, Turkey
Fish, squid, shrimps, prawns
Vegetables; peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and more
Eggs, Omelette, Pizzas, hash browns and more
FDA approved
Use Guidelines
black mat is for meat, chicken, hash browns
beige mat is for fish, seafood, vegetables
Cut to grill size leaving fire breathing space on the sides
Take it on vacations, picnics, camping for grilling outdoors
Super easy cleaning - wash gently with warm soapy water
Let the mats to dry and roll to store
No flavour or odor transfer to BBQ food
Dishwasher safe - top rack
Do not use over open flames or in direct contact with heating elements
Avoid using sharp metal objects or utensils
Dimensions:15.75" x 19.70" - Mats will fit almost any size of BBQ Grill.

FTC Disclosure: I received for free in exchange for an honest review. My opinion was not influenced in any way. This post may contain my Amazon affiliate link. Thank you so much for supporting Read More Books ~Lauren

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